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Can an AI really help you with your taxes?

That's what we want to know! Taxes are complicated. Here at Keeper, a smart tax filing app for freelancers, we're on a mission to make them simpler.

AI could be a powerful tool for democratizing tax knowledge and lightening tax pros' workloads. But will a robot accountant know what to do with real-life tax situations brought up by taxpayers like you - everything from write-offs for your unique small business to who's a dependent in your one-of-a-kind family? Let's find out together.

How should I use this tool?

We trained GPT-4 on the latest tax updates for 2023. Help us test how good it is as an accountant by asking it your tax questions. Please don't send sensitive personal information through the tool.

When will I get an answer?

You'll see the AI accountant's answer right away (or... in about 10-60 seconds). It'll show up right under the window where you typed it in.

Once we've had a chance to make sure your question is appropriate, we'll also publish it - alongside the AI accountant's response.

Will the answers be fact-checked?

Yes. A (human!) In the US a CPA, EA, or JD or in the UK, a ACCA, or CIMA will review all responses.

We'll incorporate their feedback - if they had any - into the version of the answer published above.

How do I know which answers have been fact-checked?

When you're browsing past questions, a symbol next to the answer means a tax professional has already reviewed it. A green checkmark means the AI got it right, while a red "stop" icon means it got it wrong. You'll also see the tax pro's comments on the individual question's page.